Making the Most of Time

Making the Most of Time

I turned 54 this year.

And at first I was totally fine with it – just another day, just another year, right? Sure, I’ve been noticing some of the signs of aging that are hard not to notice — more silvery hair to colour when I see my hair stylist, skin that more obviously benefits from some “anti-aging” moisturizer, and muscles that protest more than I’d like them to after sitting cross-legged on the floor playing board games with the family.

We all know we're going to die.

Oliver Burkeman

And then I had one of those “confronting mortality” moments. I was listening to an interesting interview with Oliver Burkeman, who wrote Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals4000 weeks? Is that a lot? Does that seem short? Is that all we have? I honestly felt kind of panicky. And then he said, starkly, “We all know we’re going to die.”

Well, that certainly didn’t help. Cue the scarcity mindset.


Who needs to be reminded that life is short and that we all die one day? Well, maybe we all do. Maybe we spend too much time forgetting that our time on this planet is limited, and that perhaps we should all be making the most of it.

What did we do with all that time? Did we make the most of it?

Neesha B.

Because I’d also been thinking about how all of a sudden my eldest is very close to graduating from high school. And my youngest is old enough to be talking about boyfriends. They aren’t little any more. Where did that time go? What did we do with all that time? Did we make the most of it? Were we grateful for it?

It would be no exaggeration to say that over the last 2 years I have changed my life fairly dramatically. It’s a longer story than what I have space for here, but the end result was that I left my job as a teacher precisely because of that old — and very true — cliché that “life is too short.” And so now here I am, starting my own business and announcing to the world that I am a businesswoman, a woman entrepreneur, or simply entrepreneur (I’m obviously still trying on labels & identities for size! Small business owner maybe?).

Changing my life has required a huge shift in mindset for me and a real reckoning with who I am as a person, what my goals and values are (because these are different things), and how to really live by my values, because that is so much more easily said than done.

hand writing the word values in red

Listening to that interview and confronting my mortality also got me thinking about past chapters of this book I call My Life – there have been A LOT of chapters. And sometimes when we are trying so hard to live more in the moment while we are ALSO preparing for the future, it is easy to forget how much we have already done and accomplished in our lives.


I am so grateful for all the chapters I have lived, the things I have done, and how all my past experiences have brought me to starting the chapter I am currently in.


In the end, turning 54 wasn’t just another day, just another birthday; instead, it was a birthday that celebrated – and continues to celebrate – the chapter of My Life that I am in now.

And it would seem my birthday horoscope is in agreement, so who am I to argue with that?
picture of a horoscope describing new beginnings & adventures

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