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Life Coach

Life is too short.


Life is too short to keep telling yourself, “one day….”


So I help women get clear on their priorities, identify their values, and set goals that line up with those values.


I show women what is possible when we allow ourselves to dream and to believe in ourselves.


Deal with overwhelm and stress.


We get so much advice and mixed messages from others that it can be easy to feel lost and overwhelmed.


We can end up shutting down, giving up, or getting distracted by other people’s values.


But when we know what is truly important to us, we can solve problems and make decisions that take us toward our own values, and on our own path.


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ACT Coach & Mindfulness Trainer

I incorporate the coaching elements of Acceptance & Commitment Training – along with mindfulness and self-compassion work – to help women live authentic and empowered lives with clarity and intention. And if you need a values-based self-care plan, I can work with you to develop one.

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Acceptance & Commitment Coaching is based on the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is the process of learning to notice our thoughts and feelings, accept what is out of our control, and commit to taking action to improve our lives. Acceptance is not about giving up!

Self-compassion is the practice of acknowledging our feelings, recognizing that suffering is a part of the human experience, and treating ourselves with kindness.

People who are self-compassionate experience greater well-being, including more life satisfaction, self-confidence, health, and happiness.

Mindfulness is one of the common denominators in this work and an essential skill to learn in order to lead a values-driven life. While many associate mindfulness with meditation, mindfulness in its simplest form is about slowing down, being in the moment, and paying attention with openness, curiosity, and flexibility.


With a teaching background in behaviour, I can help you begin to understand how to build helpful habits, create routines that work, and make the choices that are important to you so that you get the values-driven results you want in life.

A certified educator for more than 20 years, I build my courses on a strong foundation of skills and experience in curriculum development and instructional design that focusses on the learner – you!

Confident & Inspiring

“Neesha comes from a place of authenticity in using her experience and knowledge to help others. She is articulate, confident, and inspiring. She has stretched my thinking and built my understanding.”

Values & Integrity

“I appreciate Neesha’s commitment to her values, as well as the integrity she brings to the work she does. Her intuition and sense of self-awareness is enriching in a way that makes her work proactive & impactful.”

Passionate & Aspirational

“Neesha is committed and passionate about the work she does. Her skill in being able to connect with others easily and have others respond well to her is aspirational.”

Courses & Coaching

So, Are You Ready...?

  • To overcome some of the challenges that cause you daily stress?
  • To lead a life based on what is truly important to you?
  • To stop living in overwhelm & simplify your life, choices, and decision making?

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